So, it has been a long time… too long, since I’ve written here on Messianic Mom. You know I can use many great EXCUSES… but I won’t bore you with them. Let’s just get to discussing Beha-alotcha from a Messianic perspective.


Different Translation Each Year

I probably need to remind you that I read the Torah Cycle from a different translation each year. This year is one that many have given me grief over… but I love it. NOT because I think it is a fabulous translation, but because it forces me to research the words and study the verse from other versions because it sometimes is very different. After having read the Torah several times, I needed something to help me not memorize it and therefore just skim it when I read each year… this has been such a great way to read the Torah Cycle.

So which translation am I loving?

The Message Bible (click the name to go to the version I’m using on Amazon)


I know…

All the things you can tell me about this Bible and the translation quality. But read my point above again… I love it because I have been reading the Torah Cycle for a decade. I need something that actually translates it differently to encourage me to look up the words and study the passage from multiple translations.

Beha’alotcha Thoughts from a Messianic Perspective

I am not going to take the Torah Parsha and give you MY version of the parsha. I want you to read it and determine your own opinions and thoughts… so I’m just going to share verses that made me stop.

And think.

Numbers 10:18-21

The flag of the camp of Reuben was next with Elizur son of Shedeur in command. Shelumiel son of Zurishaddai commanded the forces of the tribe of Simeon; Eliasaph son of Deuel commanded the forces of the tribe of Gad. Then the Kohathites left, carrying the holy things. By the time they arrived The Dwelling would be set up.

I never really thought about when they traveled (as many times as I’ve read the Torah cycle). But we know that huge Tent of Dwelling did not go up in a matter of minutes or hours… probably at least a day and maybe more? But this version (the Message) helped me see that it was up and ready for the Holy Things when the Kohathites arrived.

Nothing earth shattering…

except understanding

Which is a BIG deal!

Numbers 11:4-6

The RIFFRAFF among the people had a craving and soon they had the People of Israel whining, “Why can’t we have meat? We ate fish in Egypt—and got it free!—to say nothing of the cucumbers and melons, the leeks and onions and garlic. But nothing tastes good out here; all we get is manna, manna, manna.

It is really the Mixed Multitude that left Egypt with them in the Exodus… and it is the only time in scripture this particular word is used. I always use to read Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon. If you would prefer to have a hard copy instead, you can purchase it here on Amazon.


Numbers 11:18-20

Tell the people, Consecrate yourselves. Get ready for tomorrow when you’re going to eat meat. You’ve been whining to God, ‘We want meat; give us meat. We had a better life in Egypt.’ God has heard your whining and he’s going to give you meat. You’re going to eat meat. And it’s not just for a day that you’ll eat meat, and not two days, or five or ten or twenty, but for a whole month. You’re going to eat meat until it’s coming out your nostrils. You’re going to be so sick of meat that you’ll throw up at the mere mention of it. And here’s why: Because you have rejected God who is right here among you, whining to his face, ‘Oh, why did we ever have to leave Egypt?’

This will make you stop and think. These verses imply that whining and not being satisfied with our circumstances is equivalent to rejecting God. I looked up rejected to be sure I understood what it meant … worse than I thought. Whoa… That is a bunch of conviction right there!

Father forgive me for whining and rejecting You and Your blessings!

Well, that is about it for this parsha. I pray this is a blessing to you… but honestly, it is for me. I need this outlet to write and share.

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