We consider ourselves to be a part of Beth Yeshua International‘s congregation, although they are in Macon, GA and we are in West TN.  They broadcast their service live each shabbat.  If you miss one of the services, you can find their previous sermons here.

If you would like to participate with a virtual congregation that watches the sermon together each shabbat, join our Facebook Group Walking Torah With Grace Sermon Webcast Group.

If you are looking for a group that is supportive and helping others grow in their Torah Walk, join the primary group Walking Torah with Grace.  I am an admin in both of these groups.


Bible Study Resources

For Scripture study, I love eSword.  You can order it for free from the eSword link.  I got mine four years ago and have never received anything from them besides the CDs with eSword… so you will not receive a bunch of junkmail from them.

I highly recommend reading scripture each year from a different Hebraic translation. Below are the different versions I’ve read:

20-14 – 2015: I have two new versions I am using this year. For the Torah Portion, I am reading from The Five Book Of Moses. A translation from Robert Alter (LOVING it and the commentary). For the Haftarah, I am reading The Haftarah Commentary (I have to skip over a lot of this… just too many bones to spit out). For Psalms and “New” Testament readings, I am reading from the Tree of Life Scriptures (LOVING this translation as well).

2013 – 2014:  Shocken Bible.  I like having a book to hold, but if you want to read it online, here is a pdf. For the Gospels the absolute BEST translation of the Gospels is Delitzsch’s Hebrew Gospels.

2012 – 2013: Onkelos Torah Commentaries.  My absolute favorite!  This is the full five-volume set of Onkelos On the Torah: Understanding the Bible Text. This is a unique and remarkable translation and English commentary of the Targum Onkelos, the first and only rabbinically authorized translation of the Torah. It contains the Hebrew Massoretic text, a vocalized text of Onkelos and Rashi, Haphtarot in Hebrew with an English translation from the Aramaic Targumim, a scholarly appendix, and a “Beyond the Text” exploration of biblical themes.

2009 – 2012: Stone’s Chumash.

I have several different sets of commentary (Onkelos and Stone’s Chumash are my favorites for the Torah Portions).  For the Tanakh (rest of the Old Testament), I use Keil and Delitzsch. You can get this MUCH cheaper than this price at Amazon, but wanted you to see what it is and you can search for a better price.

Complete Jewish Bible online.  If you are like me, I need to hold a book!  Here is one on Amazon.

Torah Reading Cycles

Messianic Torah portions to read.  I love to break down the Sabbath Torah reading into daily readings.  I get those from, but it is only the Torah portion, I then read the rest on Shabbat.  BYI also has their Torah cycle here.

Learn Biblical Hebrew


Commentaries for Torah Portions:

Lists of Messianic Commentary on Torah Portions:

Torah Portion studies for Children: **





I’ll be adding more resources as I can.  In the meantime, Shalom!


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