Preparations are in full swing for Pesach around here.  We are spending time cleaning out the leaven… But, I am going to start this post by going backwards a bit…

You see, I have a bunch of christmas, halloween and easter stuff … We have been keeping Abba’s feasts for 3 years and had been planning to sell all that stuff. And we have been… a little here and a little there.  I was planning to sell what is left (and it is still a ton of stuff) in a big yard sale this Spring.  Well, a couple of weeks ago, Rabbi Greg was discussing this very topic and asked  … if it’s not good enough for you, why are you pushing it on (selling it to) anyone else? It made me think of Abraham’s father… the idol maker. UGH!  I was already feeling really strange selling stuff to friends and neighbors that I didn’t want near me or my family. I attempted to justify it by saying… It did give me an opportunity to explain our walk and why we keep Abba’s feasts… but still it just felt wrong.  Well, after Rabbi talked about selling our idols, both my hubby and I knew immediately what needed to be done.  He actually looked at me and said… so much for a yard sale, huh?  Yeah… not doing it.  We’re not going to profit from selling our idols!  Then and there hubby and I decided to have a bonfire to get rid of all this junk …

Well, yesterday, while pondering the meaning of Pesach, I realized I still have all this stuff here in my home!!  Leaven! Idols!  So, I get to thinking… “it’s been raining a bunch this past week, so it won’t be too dry to burn”.  Today was the day. THE day to have the bonfire to destroy our idols … an idol bonfire on the farm!  I get up this morning and it’s dreary, somber and wet outside (not raining, just wet) … yep PERFECT for a bonfire… and then (there always seems to be an “and then”) … I got this on our local weather bug alert:

Wind Advisory ... no bonfire today!

Wind Advisory … no bonfire today!

LOL… so we are now just boxing it all up to take to the dump…  and humming as we work…. >bye-bye leaven!  It feels good (like I knew that it would…)!!!! I can seriously hear Rabbi singing James Brown with me right now, can’t you! LOL! I know it says “I” feel good… but I’m changing the words today!

I pray you all are feeling this good sweeping the leaven out of your own lives! Following Abba’s path is pure joy! A delight! A blessing!

Until next time… Shalom Mishpocha!!!