March 15th Messianic Torah Portion Tzav

Next Shabbat, March 15th Messianic Torah portion Tzav (in Hebrew it means “command!”):  Leviticus 6:1(8) – 8:36, Jer 7:21 – 8:3, 9:23-24; Psalm 107; Mark 7:31-8:38

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Daily Torah Reading:

1st section of Parsha Tzav, (Leviticus 6:1-6:11) Sunday, March 9th

2nd section of Parsha Tzav, (Leviticus 6:12-7:10) Monday, March 10th

3rd section of Parsha Tzav, (Leviticus 7:11-7:38)  Tuesday, March 11th

4th section of Parsha Tzav, (Leviticus 8:1-8:13)  Wednesday, March 12th

5th section of Parsha Tzav, (Leviticus 8:14-8:21)  Thursday, March 13th

6th section of Parsha Tzav, (Leviticus 8:22-8:29)  Friday March 14th

7th section of Parsha Tzav, (Leviticus 8:30-8:36)  Shabbat, March 15th

Torah Studies for Children:




Tools for Adults Studying Torah

I highly recommend reading scripture each year from a different Hebraic translation. Below are the different versions I’ve read:

2013 – 2014 Torah Cycle:  Schocken Bible.  I have to tell you I DO NOT like the commentary part, but I love the language of the Scriptures. Just being honest in my evaluation of the translation.  I like having a book to hold, but if you want to read it online, here is a pdf.

2012 – 2013 Torah Cycle: Onkelos. This is a GREAT set of 5 books.  I refer back to these regularly.  It is my favorite. Period.

2009 – 2012 Torah Cycle: Stone’s Chumash.  My second favorite.

I use the Complete Jewish Bible online all the time for reference.  If you are like me, I need to hold a book!  Here is one on Amazon.

I have several different sets of commentary (Onkelos and Stone’s Chumash are my favorites for the Torah Portions).  For the Tanakh (rest of the Old Testament), I use Keil and Delitzsch. You can get this MUCH cheaper than this price at Amazon, but wanted you to see what it is and you can search for a better price.

In my humble opinion, the absolute BEST translation of the Gospels is Delitzsch’s Hebrew Gospels.

Again, I use many different translations, but this is one I use regularly Complete Jewish Bible as well as The Scriptures.

Just about anything from Artscroll… I could go broke at this store! (Note, if you visit this store on Shabbat, they will be closed… they honor the Sabbath)!

eSword.  It is a free Bible Study Software.  I got mine from this church years ago and have never received one piece of junk mail due to it. This software has multiple version of scripture (and you know how I love to read different translations) including KJV, Scriptures, JPS, Peshitta, etc. And it has several different lexicons including Strongs, BDB and Thayers.  I highly recommend you get this software and it is free.

Blue Letter Bible.  Is a website that I take the Strong’s number from eSword and go search to see how the word has been used in other verses. It has the Gesenius’ definition of Hebrew words, which I just love!

Commentaries for Torah Portions:

Lists of Messianic Commentary on Torah Portions:

Torah Portion studies for Children: **

I am always looking for my next year’s translation to read Torah from.  If you have a great Hebraic perspective Bible that I did not list here, please leave me a comment below!

Until next week… Shalom Mishpocha!


One thought on “March 15th Messianic Torah Portion Tzav

  1. As I read through the Portion in Leviticus, I found myself staring at the text as images were formed in my my mind.
    And it reminded me of watching art lovers, (at Galleries), viewing masterpieces of paintings. Staring at the work of art for long periods of time, trying to take in all the subtle nuances of the masterfully done work. First taking in the “Big Picture”, then the individual “Details”, and then, how they interrelate to each other.
    Then stepping back to take in the big picture again to reveal “The Story” being told.

    If I had to assign a title to this Portion, (as a work of art), it would have to be “Redemption”

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