As I’m studying Torah portion Bo tonight…I stumbled upon this reality. Honestly, I’ve been reading the Torah portions for FIVE years now and I still find these pearls I missed in my other five times reading the portion.  It’s as if I never read them even once sometimes 🙂

torah portion bo

Exodus 10:26 Even our livestock must go with us, Not a hoof may remain behind! For some of them we must take to serve YHWH our God. We – we do not know how we are to serve YHWH until we come there.

And then look at this verse just a few verses up…

Exodus 10:9 Moshe said, With our young ones, with our elders we will go, with our sons and with our daughters, with our sheep and with our oxen we will go – for it is YHWH’s pilgrimage-festival for us.

I never put the two of these together.  I have been coming to the realization for a long time that our Western-way of interpreting scripture is not always accurate and sometimes not even remotely close to what I believe Abba intended… here is an example.  We think we have to understand Scripture (Abba’s Word) before we can live it.  But that is NOT what scripture said here.  Is this not a perfect example of where the Hebrews were instructed to walk it out (go to the Pilgrimage feast) before they knew exactly what they were to do?  Another example can be found with Abram in Genesis 12.

We have to step out first.  Then, as we walk out our faith, we receive revelation. THAT is absolutely walking it by Faith!  So, as we continually grow in our faith walk, continue to live a Torah-observant life, might this very post be an example of THAT revelation?  Abba is so faithful … He tells us in Deuteronomy 4:29 that if we seek Him we will find Him if we seek with all of our heart and being.

Are you seeking Him, studying His Word for yourself… not relying on someone else to lead you into His Kingdom?

Shalom, Shalom!


PS.  I know some like to know what version I’m quoting/reading from…. so here is a link to it.  As you all know I read the Torah Portion each year from a different translation.  This has been a great one thus far!

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